~Endearing Jewelry Design & Metalsmithing
by Jennifer Dewey Designs ~

Handwrought and Handcast with a Passion For Gems, Metalsmithing, and Studio Jewelry Design

~For Present and Future Generations~

Made in Colorado - USA

Thank you for visiting my little "mountain top jewelry shop"... I'm currently making one of a kind (ooak) studio jewelry pieces with my favorite gems and precious finds from recent adventures... utilizing chasing, repousse, casting, forging, unique textures and experimental techniques... plus a growing line of  my most loved production pieces:

 ...from my Telluride - Mountain Village Gondola Charms, Gemstone Acorn Pendants, Stacking Handwrought Bangles, Gemstone Tuxedo Studs, Custom Engagement Rings, Bridal Hair Ornaments, Custom Wedding Bands,  Stackable Gemstone Rings and more. 

Inspired by all that live in harmony with their surroundings... from the patina of New Orleans' Spanish wrought iron, to the near-symmetry of acorns and aspen leaves... the full white sails of a Mediterranean sailboat, to the mountains which hug my village... the antlers on a Rocky Mountain bull elk, to the sound and texture created by my hammer striking an anvil... My love of travel, science, nature, and symbolism greatly influence and challenge my jewelry designs and choice of materials.

Hand fabrication (handmade), lost wax casting, chasing, repousse, forging, setting colorful gems and objects of nature... these are my primary jewelry making methods, at this time.  Since many designs may be customized (size, gemstone, etc.), please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery of most orders.  Feel free to request a rush order - an additional charge may apply.           970.519.0021  __________________________________________________________________

For Our Precious Planet EARTH:  

- All designs are primarily made with recycled and reclaimed noble metals (gold, silver & platinum) ... with hope for reducing the burden of mining upon our planet.  Along with a consortium of art jewelers and Ethical Metalsmiths Org., I am working towards sourcing fair-mined / fair-trade artisan gold... where the treatment of miners, community and natural environment are aligned with fair-trade principles.

 - I promote and practice environmentally conscious studio practices, learning more every day. 

- I am also interested in fair-trade practices in the industry as they develop... sourcing ethically mined, conflict-free, precious gemstones and diamonds.




Please feel free to contact me for a free initial design consultation over the phone... You may also call me to order directly... or order securely here via credit card/debit card or check - via PayPal or Google Wallet.  I will always strive  to confirm your order within 24 hours... and to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase



I'm most grateful for your interest in, and support of, my art... 


Thanking You,

Jennifer Dewey

Jennifer Dewey - Jewelry Design & Metalsmithing


All Jewelry Designed and Made in Colorado (USA) by Jennifer Dewey

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